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New season, new website

New season, new website

Our new website is here in time for the new blooms of spring! Just as every day brings new changes, we are freshening things up here at Paper Fancies. We have a new look, new website and a new blog space. We’re really excited about it and we hope you are too!

Paper Fancies designs continue to evolve, becoming more sophisticated, beautiful and challenging. I am so inspired and stimulated by this work. I am always moving forward and always striving for growth – and the more new designs that I create, the more my ideas grow.

With this new website, you will be able to place a custom order and purchase your beautiful designs in one place. As always, I am available to discuss your custom order and help you with the final decision so your order is unique and to your liking. That’s the kind of art Paper Fancies loves to do most.

Keeping up with Paper Fancies is easy: Subscribe to this blog so you are up to date on new designs. Bookmark our website for easy reference so that when you need a special gift for that special someone, or for yourself (because you ARE special), you will be able to get to it quickly, see the new designs and place your custom order. Sign up for our occasional newsletter at and type in “newsletter” in the subject.  ‘Like’ us on Facebook.

How it all started

How it all started

I am often asked how I got started with creating these paper flowers.

It took just one inquiry from a friend about gift items she needed for her company to put me into a creative mode.

I was asked if I knew anyone that made “candy” flower arrangements on the island of Oahu. After thinking about it, looking through my vendor contact list, and looking online, I didn’t find anyone local. I suggested that I could possibly create something like she is looking for, as gifts to her clients. I offered to create a couple of prototypes for her to approve and that it was perfectly OK to say “no”.

red-parasol-prototype I came up with a couple of prototypes and presented it to my potential client. To my surprise, she liked the one with a parasol. I was surprised because, while I thought it was cute, I didn’t think it was cute enough for corporate gifts. Since I’ve never made anything like this before, I did the best I could. When she placed an order for 36 large and small arrangements, I was elated and knew that I now had to get to work to create impressive corporate gifts.

First, I had to improve on the red parasol, as it was quite unstable and with a couple trial and errors I came up with the finished product. As I was working on the creative part, and these were supposed to look like flower arrangements, I thought each one needed to have a couple of flowers. I had never made a flower before, but with a little practice, I came up with a plan. Each basket included an improved parasol, origami flower and a “rose.” This is how the flowers that I am creating today got their start.

One thing leads to another and almost a year later, I have created

  • Framed Button Christmas Trees
  • Ornaments
  • Boxes,
  • Cards,
  • Topiaries
  • Flower Kissing Balls
  • Magnets
  • and the latest are the Paper Clip Fancies.

“How do you come up with all these ideas?” I get asked this question many times. The quick answer is: one thing leads to another. You are the ones that give me ideas. You need a gift item and I come up with the solution.